Commitment to quality is the essence at GRM Overseas Ltd. And this is the reason why company has the access to the world's most discerning customers. More habit than just procedures, the stringent quality specifications set by the company is what makes it stand apart. No wonder GRM has all the necessary certifications in basmati rice.

Ageing in basmati is as essential as it is for wine and scotch. Ageing enhances the attributes of basmati by reducing moisture content, increasing aroma, length, taste and cooking results. The result is guaranteed consistency in quality to the customer every time.

At GRM, the paddy purchased in the season is kept in most hygienic storage conditions. We are equipped with the comprehensive systems that ensures ongoing fumigation, maximum production from ground, moisture, humidity, infestation.

We have in-house laboratories to check the quality of paddy and rice, so that end product is a full proof quality. The labs are well equipped with international standards of equipments like moisture meters, lab De-huskers, Electronic Vernier Calipers, Precision Electronic Weighing Scales, Paddy Separator, lab-polishers from Satake and Kett.