GRM is today an eminent food company recognized not only in India but all across. It is well known for its flagship product GRM, a high selling basmati rice brand in India.
From being a popular name in India to being recognized and preferred all over, GRM’s journey to the top is an outcome of the commitment of its people to the company’s shared vision and values. Its success story is written by the people who continue to be determined to garner glory for their organization. Today, GRM is not only trusted for the authentic Indian taste that is reflected in its abounding product range, but also for the stimulating work environment that it offers to its people.
With dedicated employees, GRM has transformed the market with the true Indian taste. The company is at the forefront of rapid growth and success. Come, join us and give your career the GRM touch!
Be part of us
GRM draws on its extensive product know-how to produce, package and preserve authentic Indian flavour. The company stays ahead of the business curve through continuous investment in world class people, processes and technologies.
Apart from working for a brand that is celebrated in the four corners, the one that is synonymous with authentic Indian taste, at GRM, you will experience an environment that is truly enabling.
We take pride in our values and culture. The feeling of belongingness that run far and deep, keeps employee engagement consistently high. Once you become part of the GRM family and share its commitment and passion, you will not only savour exponential growth but also receive an all rounded exposure.
We strive to continuously provide career development opportunities to its people through various platforms and programs. We are committed to developing the skills and competencies of our people, so they can continue to provide the differentiating edge.
We recognize the outstanding contributions and efforts of our people through attractive rewards. What’s more, we offer competitive compensation and exciting benefits to employees, too.
So, if you want to give your career the edge, come be part of the GRM family.
Our ethos
Create & support a culture of partnership between GRM and employees
Unleash & maximize the potential of people to maintain & enhance business leadership in the competitive environment
Ignite the passion & enhance the sense of belongingness at all levels through excellent people processes and positive work culture Continuously attract, utilize, develop & retain human treasures
Give your future the GRM touch
Every employee at GRM enables the company’s success in the food industry.
As the company grows, you grow. Come, join us and accelerate your growth.
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